Life in Dance

When I was a teenager, I remember people asking me, “how long have you been dancing?” By the age of fifteen, it had been nearly twelve years. So people were genuinely shocked. I didn’t get it, but I didn’t know why I danced. I knew it was just something I did. My body loved to move, but I didn’t know why I was moving. Now, during my reflection of dance in my life, I now know its presence. It is a liberating feeling, to know when you’ve been chosen to do something. Dance is my something. It is not my only thing, but it is my haven. The place where I learned strength, perseverance, motivation, discipline, and passion. Dance is a place where I can share my trauma, experience, mistakes, and joy. The atmosphere allows me to be my true self, and the judgements placed are to make me better. For goodness sakes, dance saved my life!

I know I am a dancer, but I feel like I am a new breed of dancer. I’m a multi-style dancer, like most nowadays. Dance is something different, something more. For instance, when I improv, it is my diary entry. I literally free write for 3-5 minutes, and even though each movement is different from the other, they still connect and flow with ease. My language is interpreted with the strokes of my steps. It’s everything. It’s everything I need to say, that I couldn’t say without dance.

Without dance, I would not be able to be writing now. My story would seem meaningless. My life would seem meaningless. ”Dance is Life” is my story. The things I’ve learned from dance, is almost everything everyone needs to learn about life. Through the life of dance, I hope I can give insight on the community and life, as I see it.

Published by Joye Thomas

Navigating through life, trying to bring joy and change to the world. Well established dance teacher, highly sought after in the Northern Virginia area. Inventor of "Articulation Technique." Articulation Technique is a modern-dance based technique devised to harness all of one’s knowledge on various dance styles, with the hopes to clearly communicate movement to anyone. Elements of Articulation Technique are: relaxation of proper muscles in order to conserve energy; working through resistance filled space that allows us to feel texture; agility and dynamic movements that gives one full awareness of weight; energy in terms of positivity and proper usage; and power that comes from within the soul to complete power moves. When Articulation Technique is accessed the body develops in strength and muscle memory is heightened allowing the body to operate as a tool.

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