Dance and Destiny

Would you believe me if I told you, “the only way I can justify the trauma I’ve experience, is by thinking how it has prepared me for something greater?” Would you believe me if I told you, “I justify my existence by knowing I have a greater purpose?” Would you believe me if I told you, “I know I am meant to change the world?” How? Finding the answer has taken me 29 years to solve, and while I’ll continue searching for knowledge, I am positive that changing the world is part of my destiny. Not only do I know this fact but, I know exactly the refinements our world needs.

For about 25 years, I dedicated myself to dance. I had been choreographing since the third grade, and while I was never the best dancer, people loved my choreography. Contrary to most people’s doubt, I was accepted into the only college I applied to, Point Park University. A top school in the nation for dance, I was positive that dance was my calling. Would you believe me if I told you, “sophomore year, my divorced parents got in a fight, and using my education as leverage, stopped paying for my education, just to spite each other?” This is just one of many examples where, I should’ve realized dance was not my destiny but, I refused to relinquish my dedication. I had so many dreams with dance but, I could never attain them on the scale I thought those dreams were supposed to fall. Looking back, saying I did a lot with dance, is an understatement. I’ve taught at least a thousand pupils throughout the state of Virginia, have performed throughout the Washington Metropolitan area, ran a non-profit dance company, created my own dance technique, and have been acknowledged for my work by various organizations. These accomplishments are sublime but, in the end, I realized dance was not my calling. The connection I had with dance was the healthiest relationship I’d ever had but, I now realize dance saved me and the security it provided was crucial to my preservation, perseverance, and purposefulness.

This fact lead has led me to my destiny. About three years ago, I was talking with an old friend about my unfulfilled feelings, and he began yelling at me, urging me to go back to school. I was so hesitant, and pretty scared considering I had attempted school twice before only to be left with complete devastation. One random summer night, I filled out my FAFSA to see if I could even afford to go back to school. I remember when I got the results, and was surprisingly informed I wouldn’t have to pay to attend NOVA. I thought maybe I would try fitness. Nova has a fitness certificate, and I thought it was close to dance, and perhaps a good career choice. In addition to taking fitness classes, you are required to take some core academic courses. In taking classes like; Communications, English, and Psychology, I had a realization. Not only am I exceptionally smart but the path I must walk to fulfill my purpose became clear. I found myself taking courses in Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, and Theology. These social sciences struck a deep cord within the chamber of my heart. In studying these disciplines, I realized how I would change the world. I truly believe acceptance is the key to refining humanity, and I know if I am able to dive into my studies I will be able to execute a grand plan for bringing compliance and compassion to our planet. Would you believe me if I told you, “acceptance is what our world needs, and I’m the one to make it happen?” I hope so.

Published by Joye Thomas

Navigating through life, trying to bring joy and change to the world. Well established dance teacher, highly sought after in the Northern Virginia area. Inventor of "Articulation Technique." Articulation Technique is a modern-dance based technique devised to harness all of one’s knowledge on various dance styles, with the hopes to clearly communicate movement to anyone. Elements of Articulation Technique are: relaxation of proper muscles in order to conserve energy; working through resistance filled space that allows us to feel texture; agility and dynamic movements that gives one full awareness of weight; energy in terms of positivity and proper usage; and power that comes from within the soul to complete power moves. When Articulation Technique is accessed the body develops in strength and muscle memory is heightened allowing the body to operate as a tool.

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